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Prehistoric Caves in Catalonia with a great geological interest

Coves Prehistòriques Catalunya

The prehistoric caves of "el Toll" are located in Moià (Barcelona). They have a total depth of 1.255,4 yard (1.148 m). The part you can visit is about 172,7 yard (158 m) and it has the form of an L.

The most important prehistoric cave is divided into two parts:

SOUTH GALLERY 118,11 yard (108 m.)

Zone occupied by the prehistoric man.

EAST GALLERY 54,68 yard (50 m.)

The cold and crystalline water border or passes through the fluvial course, an intermittent river.

A palace of the fauna of the Quaternary

Prehistòria: coves del Toll

The CAVE OF “EL TOLL” is located in Moià. It is one of the richest prehistoric caves of Europe in fauna of the QUATERNARY, in WÜRM glaciations: hippopotamus, rhinoceros, bear of the caverns, lion, hyena, ox, etc.

Some remains of fire and flint tools from the Mousterian demonstrate us the human presence of the Neanderthal man during the Middle Paleolithic (between 100.000 and 40.000 years old) in the region of Moianès, in the county of Bages.

The caves of “EL TOLL” in Moià

Les coves Toll Moià

Everything we have found in the prehistoric caves in Catalonia, in relation to the EPIPALEOLITHIC, to the NEOLITHIC and to the AGE OF BRONZE allow us to see how our people kept on creating their path along the history.
The life of the man has been changing. The life of men has gone from being a harvester to a farmer, from a traditional life to an important change using new materials that are completely unknown for them.

We have a very interesting example of the remains found in the cave of “EL TOLL” in Moià. We have found a masculine and robust human being, not much tall and branquimorf, a man with alpine features. We have found his burial, too. This person was found with a metallic brooch of centreuropean origin.

Images of the Caves of “EL TOLL”

Cave of 'el Toll' near Barcelona Prehistoric caves in Catalonia Prehistoric caves near Barcelona Prehistoric caves in Catalonia
Cave of 'el Toll' near Barcelona Prehistoric caves near Barcelona Cova del Toll Moià prehistoric caves near Barcelona, Catalonia

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Prehistoric caves Toll Moià (Catalonia)

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